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About us

Source code limited liability company was established in 2019 as a national technology company that aims to contribute effectively to Digital Transformation projects and system in the Syrian Arab Republic.


Source Code adopts strategic thinking and planning that aims to be one of the leading companies that contribute in the Digital Transformation process locally and regionally, emphasizing and believing that digital transformation is the code of advancing the business sector system into a digital system that keeps pace with change and continuous global development


Source Code takes it upon itself to contribute to building a knowledge society that keeps pace with the accelerating pace of the digital age we live in, by providing digital services and integrated technological solutions characterized by quality, proficiency and professionalism in various fields, to enable institutions and individuals to benefit from ICT services with ease.


Source Code Provides an Integrated Project of Digital Transformation Projects

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It Infrastructure Equipment.
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Automation and Industrial Automation Equipment
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Software and Central System

What we do in Source Code

At Source Code, we are proud to provide professional technical solutions within an organizational framework and strategic planning carried out by a highly experienced them that works according to priorities, the most important of which is working with high quality and efficiency, to build integrated projects of digital transformation projects that suit the needs of the business sector in an effort to make the most of our experiences and relationships with major international companies specialized in this field.


Services & Solutions

Supply, installation, configuration, testing, commissioning and operating of information .

Supply, installation, configuration, testing, commissioning and operating of equipment .

Supplying, configuration, testing, commissioning and operating of software systems .

Related services including operation and management, technical support, development .